Can I date his flatmate?


Hi, I need advice.

So I met this guy, we became friends and he asked me out but I refused to to date him because of some things he said about having relationship issues.

So along the line we became closer and one thing led to another – we kissed and even had foreplay.

But after all this we grew apart from each other. So I went to visit him one day and his flatmate seemed interested in me and collected my number from the guy I made out with.

But the thing is the guy I kissed never told his roommate about what went on between the two of us, because he said after we kissed, he realized that he had no feelings for me and thought it did not matter if he told his flatmate or not.

I told his flatmate about the whole thing and he seems to have no problem with it, as he said that was in the past.

The thing is I really like his flatmate, as we really get along very well but I don’t like the fact that they are living together because I feel embarrassed seeing the one I had kissed with all the foreplay we had done before.

Please what do I do?


One thought on “Can I date his flatmate?

  1. It’s really not an issue especially if the other guy( the one u had foreplay with) really doesn’t disturb u for a rebound relationship.
    Get over the embarrassement cos I know u think u violating one bro code… Well u aren’t girl. It’s was a mistake, don’t let it ruin what u have…


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