My Boo’s friend keeps buying him gifts


My man is the love of my life and he lives up to this bill. I cannot even start describing how good he

is or how considerate. He is the kind of guy who goes out of his way for me. I am not saying he is flawless, I am saying his merits far outclass his demerits. To top it all, he makes me believe he will die on top my matter. If I have real cause to be mad at him, he apologises. He is generous, considerate too.

The problem? One “platonic” female friend will not stop buying him expensive gifts. The babe obviously has more money than I have even heard mentioned so she gives and gives and gives him and he collects and collects and still tells me they are just friends. I tire o! I am a babe and I cannot imagine lavishing gifts on a guy who I have no feelings for or maybe I am being small-minded but I feel she cannot be giving him all these things with no strings attached. She offers to lend him money when he is broke, buys him Tom Ford perfumes and those shoes with red soles (Louboutin or what), the list is endless and he collects. I cannot even compete.

I have complained to him and he says she sometimes comes with the gifts and he cannot say no. I have a job and I am not a baby anymore so I pay my bills but I don’t have the money to give the kind of gifts that she gives. I have never bought him shoes even, forget about designer. When I give him Paco Rabanne perfume, it stands next to the Tom Ford perfume she has given. I AM TIRED! She makes me feel inadequate. I don’t think he is cheating on me, but really, how long before his collections tell him his bread might be buttered more on her side?

The last gift she gave him caused a fight, it was designer glass frames (he is near sighted). He asked me if he should return the frames during the fight but I don’t believe he meant the question, I think he was just asking so that I would say no and I said no. These gifts come almost on a quarterly basis, for no reason. What should I do? Should I just turn a blind eye? I want to be able to give him gifts that don’t fall short of what he gets now.
Please help…


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