What do I do?


 met this guy on facebook in July last year and we started dating in September. We didn’t see each other till December when

I went to Port-Harcourt (I stay in Lagos and He stays in Port-Harcourt).

We used to chat almost everyday and also talk on the phone maybe once a week, but all these stopped when he started his housemanship, he hardly calls or sends me any message on whatsapp or bbm but he replies whenever I send him a message.

I now do most of the calling because he says he is too busy at work and hardly has time to call or return calls or even do anything for himself and pleads with me to try and understand, but the problem I have with all these is that I believe that no matter how busy someone is, if you are really important to them they will make out time for you. To make matters worse we were chatting few days ago and I told him I miss him, all he said was “really? That’s nice”, then I asked him if he didn’t miss me, he said my missing him may not coincide with his missing me. I wonder what that means.

He’s a good guy and I love him but I just want to know if I’m over reacting or if I’m wasting my time or not. Please what do you guys think?


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