The conditions I must meet before I sleep with my wife.


I have been married for 4yrs now and I have a son.
Last year, I cheated on my wife with our house maid, yes crucify me, I know I messed up big time, but my wife was part of the reason because she was never at home.

It was work work work , I was left with our home, my son and our maid.
The maid served me food, put water for me to bath, takes care of my son, puts him to sleep, feeds him and myself too.
She played the every role of a wife so it was very easy for me to fall for her. My wife would always come home tired and angry, transferring all her aggressions.
So one thing led to another and I started sleeping with my maid, at a point, I fell in love with her. It went on and in until my wife caught us one day, and she threw the maid out of the house. She equally threatened to leave the marriage and I begged my ass out, I even went as far as gathering the whole church to beg on my behalf.
It took my wife 2months to forgive and come back to our bedroom, but she gave me the following conditions before I can ever touch her again….

#1. I must brush before kissing her

#2. Before I penetrate her, I must clean my dick with a wet towel

#3. She will never give me a blowjob

#4. She will never have kids again

#5. I won’t suck her boobs or massage it ever again

#6. I won’t give her head

#7. She will never moan for me

#8. I will never moan as well

#9. The lights must be off each time we make love

#10. I will always use a condom

#11. I must always pray to God for forgiveness before and after sex

#12. No doggy style

#13. We dare not change positions just missionary

#14. After sex, no communication

#15. She will never cook my food

#16. The only thing she owes me is sex

#17. For every time we make love, she prays all through

#18. We will stay in separate rooms, and will only come to her room when I want sex

#19. No outing together

#20. No visitors

#21. No more maids
These are the ones I can remember at the moment, I don’t have the list with me.
Readers please, with all these conditions, am I still married? I think I’m just cohabiting in the same house with her. Is it not better I let the marriage go? I’m not the first man to cheat and won’t be the last.. Please advice.


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