I’m depressed


I’m currently suffering from depression

and I think I should seek help before I do something tragic.

I came from a humble background and it was God’s grace that see me through my degree program in one of the top five universities in Nigeria. I lost my father to the cold hands of death in 2004 and I do odd jobs in order to finance my education. I discovered during my undergraduate days that most girls I asked out turned me down.

Not that I have any form of deformity but I just couldn’t get a girl to fall for me. When I couldn’t hold my body anymore, I started patronising prostitutes.

I tried so hard to break the habit but I failed. I eventually graduated in 2012 with a 2.1 honours and I believe with the result, I will be able to secure a good job and live a good life.

After my service year, I got a job in a manufacturing company but the salary is not encouraging and I resigned from the job in February 2016.

I’m approaching 32 years with nothing to point at as my achievement.

I hold a B.Sc degree in accounting and I’m in the final stage of ICAN professional exam. My fear now is, could my problem be spiritual?

Will I continue to live from hand to mouth? Is my poor condition responsible for why i have never had a girlfriend? I even approached a girl who is far below my level and i enticed her with gifts and money but she still turn me down.

I’m very confused and I need help.


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