Tips to a lasting relationship


What are the reasons you have why its not working out the way you thought it would?  Why is it getting so boring all of a sudden? Where is that spark, what went wrong? Amongst a host of other questions have remained unanswered.

I have a few tips here I think when applied it might just re-kindle that fire. Of course, it depends on the both of you to make things work.

These are my 25 simple secrets to a long lasting relationship.
1. Learn to show respect to each other

2. Laugh together: it can’t be that hard yeah, attend comedy shows together, do those fun things together that would help the stress hormones stay calm and at peace.

3. Always support each other: no matter what, you should be your partner’s number 1 fan.

4. Give lots of room to each other

5. Learn to be a good listener

6. Trust your partner

7. Compromise: it doesn’t have to be comfortable for you all the time, it doesn’t have to be about you all the time, so sometimes try and compromise.

8. Never go to bed angry

9. Learn to forgive and forget quickly.

10. Compliment your partner regularly, as many times as possible, let them first get those compliments from you. “Baby you looking ravishing/ sweetheart, you are so hot today, doesn’t hurt right? Just say it.

11. Don’t try to change each other, rather try and  impact, improve, not striving hard to change him/her.

12. Show gratitude for little things: you don’t know when you are being tested, little things count, a simple thanks darling, its encouraging, it doesn’t have to be a big gift before you jump on him and show appreciation, jump instead for that little thing you think doesn’t matter.

13. Stay true, stay loyal

14. Encourage each other

15. Take each other’s problems seriously

15. Give more than you take

16. In those crazy hard times, remember the beautiful moments

17. Begin and end each day together

18. Part and meet with a kiss

19. Check in on each other even when at work, you can’t be that busy… It takes just a minuit to type “Hope your day is going well”

20. Leave surprise notes

21. Try new things together, be creative and adventurous..

I haven’t premised a long lasting relationship on these tips only, nobody is an embodiment of knowledge, a few other tips you know can help,  if you leave your comments below for others to learn from. It isn’t that hard, if it’s worth it, it’s worth the shots.


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